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Tasting the Oldest Scotch Whisky Ever!

Dec 09, 2021 Mike Brisebois

Close your eyes. It’s 1940. You are traveling through the beautiful Speyside region of Scotland. An era, true to its time with tranquillity of the Spey river and bare hills. It’s a year after the Second World War has started and grain distillation has halted and only limited malt pot-still distilling was allowed. The world was definitely in a different place - one that today we have never seen.

I’m telling you, don’t miss out on this one!

Sep 13, 2021 Mike Brisebois

I was so happy to finally reveal the first exclusive bottling for The Whisky Explorer Society with Vice President and Co-Founder of Single Cask Nation, Jason Johnstone-Yellin!

I have to tell you, I miss the Glenlivet expressions from before!

Sep 13, 2021 Mike Brisebois

At one point in my whisky journey, my collection consisted of mostly Glenlivet expressions. Now you’re asking yourself - really Mike, Glenlivet?I was drawn to the Glenlivet Single Casks Range and at one point I had seventeen of them! The highlight was the original single cask ever released from the distillery, the 40 Year Atlantic which was released in 2005!

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